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Results from CSI** Bonheiden, Belgium.

 Full List of Results from our riders:

Marlon Zanotelli, Angelica Augustsson, Pieter Clemens and Nora Gray. 


6 Year Old Horses:

Marlon Zanotelli and Icarus- Clear.

Marlon Zanotelli and GK Casper- Clear.


7 Year Old Horses:

Pieter Clemens and Toscane D' Aiguilly- Clear.



6 Year Old Horses: 

Marlon Zanotelli and Icarus- 11th.

7 Year Old Horses:

Pieter Clemens and Constant-3rd.

Angelica Augustsson and Caballo-12th.


Class 2 B and A 1.20m:

Nora Gray and Arizona- 8th

Class 3: Stephex Stable 1.40m:

Marlon Zanotelli and Vera- 9th

Class 4: Catherine de Buyl Insurance 1.35m:

Pieter Clemens and Pro und Contra 2: 14th



Ashford Farm 6 Year Old Horses CSIYH

Marlon Zanotelli and Icarus-4th

Marlon Zanotelli and GK Casper-10th


Class 7th Q Cars Gewelt 1.45m:

Marlon Zanotelli and Nenuphar'Jac 9th.

Class 8: Stephex Stables 1.35m

Nora Gray and Unex what a Carnute K-9th



Class VI Ashford Farm CSIYH:

Angelica Augustsson and Quirie 2-12th

Class 10 Q Cars Gewelt: 1.45m:

Angelica Augustsson and Madame Butterfly: 7th




Gekoppelde paarden

Enda Carroll, Ashford Farm

Vosheuvelstraat 46, 3950 Bocholt, België

+32 (0)11 44 88 20

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